Quality Education in Studying Abroad

It is the dream of every student to be a part of the best university. However,opting international studies are often confusing ,as there are a number of proficient varsities offering sophisticated educational provisions. This is why CGA assists for the best choice when it comes to select the right university abroad.

Scholarship and Abroad Migration Program

At Carmel Global Academy, we help you reduce the cost of education by securing some of the best scholarships in the world for you. There are two parts when it comes to schooling abroad. The first part is securing an admission which, somewhat easier part. The second is making migration plans. At Carmel Global Academy our Abroad Migration Program is designed to help students plan for a suitable migration plan. As a consulting and coaching company based in Kerala, it is our core duty to help prepare students for a successful abroad migration. For students who hope to secure a part-time abroad job while schooling, there are a lot of opportunities out there to explore. Finding the right opportunity requires the expertise of a company with a lot of information. This is why we work round the clock to provide students with the best offers depending on their choices.

Kind of scholarships we can secure for our students.


1. Scholarships based on Merit, 2. Need based scholarship, 3. Carrier based scholarships, 4. Student based scholarships


You can earn paid internship together with study, which will eventually lead you to get into a full time job and permanent residency.


If you are a meritorious student you can study with zero cost .You get paid on an amount of 1200 Euro per month as stipend.

How can Carmel Global Academy help?

We are well equipped and structured to help students who merit to pursue their academic career abroad with the right schools and facilities to ensure that their quality education needs are met. Our services are not limited to specific countries as we are well equipped to secure admission in any part of the world.

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